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October, 2016

Written by Mark Drake, MKIC Technical Services

Frankenstein was a great story line: Back from the dead and working again! Well, kind of.

MKIC MTS personnel are always willing to help to solve problems that come up from the dead to kill your work. The cores our industry uses are the corpses of our retired work. As you troll the darkness looking to fulfill the customer’s needs with another replacement cartridge, your ability to resurrect the core from the graveyard is dependent on the quality of the added parts.

Mixing vendors components may work at times but the control of the finished product may cause the end users to get unruly and revolt. The hidden uncertainty of un-proven science doomed many well intended ventures. Mutant component concoctions, magical lubrication powders and clone hoppers can cause improper fit and performance ultimately damaging the printer.

Don't be a victim of mad science... ...MKIC matched systems are developed and tested to deliver the print performance you demand with the replacement system you need. With over 30 years of OPC and toner manufacturing experience on every page, call us today so we can assist you in building quality cartridges with outstanding yield and print performance.

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