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Small Parts, Big Impact

November, 2016

Written by Mark Drake, MTS Support Staff

One of my aunts was a frugal shopper. She spent sparingly but always bought brand name food and clothes. In my youth, I asked about a lower cost can of corn that was on sale for lots less. She looked at me in a withering gaze and said “Quality is never a sale item”.

The “proof is in the pudding” is a phrase that gets used referring to the finished product. The ingredients are what make it great or not. The fine details of each ingredient in making a recipe dictate its success.

Worn parts are a recipe for failure. Those small bushings, bearings, scrappers, contacts, and piece-parts can be a disaster for re-manufacturers. Replacement of the OEM parts extends beyond the OPC and toner. One leaking cartridge can mean a huge service call and a lost customer.

Future Graphics technical staff tests to understand the root cause failures of all the parts in a cartridge. Those parts are tested to understand the failure point for publication and supply for your remanufacturing build.

Small parts can make a big difference. MKIC matched systems are developed and tested to deliver the print performance you demand with the replacement system you need. With over 30 years of OPC and toner manufacturing experience on every page, call us today so we can assist you in building quality cartridges with outstanding yield and print performance.

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